Improving clinical care for people with wounds

New Larval Debridement Therapy Guidance

Written by Michael Clark December 6th 2013

The All Wales Tissue Viability Nurse Forum has issued guidance upon the use of larvae in wound debridement. This document produced in conjunction with BioMonde provides knowledge for the appropriate use of larval debridement therapy and the management of patients receiving this therapy. The guideline is designed to support qualified healthcare professionals in managing wound debridement using larval therapy and to make sure it is carried out in a safe and clinically effective manner, acceptable to patients and carers.

These guidelines aim to ensure the appropriate use of larval therapy within all Welsh NHS Trusts and Health Boards. These organisations are required to provide care services within commissioned services which meet these requirements, and to provide guidance for healthcare professionals to establish how suitable larval treatment is for each individual patient. It is suggested that this guidance should form part of tissue viability and infection prevention protocols.