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New hyperkeratosis document

Written by Michael Clark October 6th 2014

The All Wales Tissue Viability Nurses Forum have created a new docuiment upon the treatment of hyperkeratosis.

A survey of members from the All Wales Tissue Viability Nurses Forum was undertaken to establish current practice in Wales for the management of patients with hyperkeratosis and related leg ulceration. The nurses who responded to the survey (n=13) estimated that patients with hyperkeratosis ranged from between 20–80% of their caseload. Ninety-two percent (n=11) reported that treatment for patients with hyperkeratosis would involve regular washing and soaking the leg in water and an emollient such as Hydromol® , Dermol® 600, Epaderm® or Diprobase® . Following soaking, treatment approaches included application of an emollient, topical steriod cream (e.g. Diprosalic ointment), paste bandages, hydrocolloids and wet wraps. The length of time for each episode of treatment varied enormously ranging from 10–30 minutes. The longer treatment times were due to the slow process that requires the nurse to individually pick off hyperkeratotic scales.

Based on the survey results, it was noted that there is no standardisation of treatment approach across Wales and general comments from the survey reflected a lack of satisfaction with current practice (Young, 2010). This was the rationale for the new document, which aims to provide best practice guidance for those in clinical practice.

The new document can be downloaded below