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Health Minister supports STOP Pressure Ulcer Day campaign

Written by Ian Dillon November 19th 2012

Health Minister Lesley Griffiths has praised efforts in NHS Wales to reduce pressure ulcers, and offered her support on the European STOP Pressure Ulcer Day this Friday November 16.

Pressure ulcers, or bedsores, are a problem for patients with limited mobility, or who sit or lie in one position for long periods of time. They can also lead to patients needing surgery, long stays in hospital and can be potentially life-threatening.

Health Minister Lesley Griffiths said:

“The 1000 Lives Plus programme, Health Boards and Trusts have worked to hard and achieved big improvements in Wales. However I want NHS staff, patients and visitors to remain vigilant. This campaign is an important reminder for NHS professionals as well as patients and relatives and I am delighted to support the campaign.

“Pressure ulcers are painful and distressing and can cause unnecessary long stays in hospital, so it’s vital that we work to reduce them.”

Chief Nursing Officer for Wales Professor Jean White, said:

“We have seen great success in tackling pressure ulcers in Wales; Tissue Viability Nurses from across the country work together to ensure that treatment is consistent, safe and high quality.

“The 1000 Lives Plus SKIN bundle has been rolled out in all Welsh hospitals to prevent patients developing pressure ulcers. The approach ensures staff focus on: the surface - the mattress or chair being used by the patients; keeping patients moving; incontinence; nutrition and hydration.

“Hospital wards have seen a reduction in pressure ulcers – often going for hundreds of days without a patient developing one.

“The European STOP Pressure Ulcer Day campaign is a reminder to everyone to ensure patients get the right treatment, and I’m pleased to offer my support.”

Professor Michael Clark is the manager of the Welsh Wound Network and President, European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel. He said:

“I am sure most people have known a family member who has experienced pressure ulcers while they were ill. Yet they are avoidable, and our campaign is working with health services across Europe to prevent people suffering unnecessarily.”

Support for the STOP Pressure Ulcer day from Wales rugby stars.

The Welsh Wound Network is pleased to share the recent support of the STOP Pressure Ulcer Day by four of Wales' rugby team while preparing for the autumn internationals.

Thanks to Sam Warburton, Ryan Jones, Rob McCusker and Toby Faletau.

Watch out for the STOP Pressure Ulcer Day next year - Thursday 21st September 2013.