Improving clinical care for people with wounds

Our Mission


Implementation of innovative practices and interventions that are based upon high quality research.


Communication to Welsh Wounds Network members and non-members regarding advances in wound healing.


Representation of the views of Welsh Wounds Network members to healthcare policy makers.


Promotion of the expertise in wound healing that is available within Wales to both UK and wider audiences.


Evaluation of new practices and innovations through high quality collaborative research, audit and other enquiries.


Dissemination to healthcare professionals, academic colleagues, members of the public, policy makers and the bioscience industries and other stakeholders via the Welsh Wounds Network web site, conferences and other events of:

  • Information related to effective wound healing practices and innovations
  • Examples of all aspects of peer accepted best clinical practice in wound healing
Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

PPI is a key element towards getting members of the public and carers involved and informed. The Welsh Wound Network is committed to good and comprehensive PPI where patients and members of the public can share their views to help develop the network

Through these actions the Welsh Wounds Network aims to contribute to and develop the field of wound healing.